(im)possible art center

speculative research, 2019

This research project focuses on social dynamics in a neighborhood of Amsterdam East, with the intention of unpacking the links between forms of 'social art' and gentrification processes. The research book describes how art is partly used as a means for buying social peace and enabling the increase of real estate prices in the 'Kolenkit' district.

Part of City Circles research project,

in collaboration with Wow Amsterdam Residency.

Several (im)possible scenarios suggest different ways of implementing a cultural center in the neighborhood. They serve as symbolic conversation starters to question the role of artists in 'Kolenkit'.

A series of scale models and short narrative descriptions represent the spatial presence of each scenario within the area. Intentionally extreme and even absurd, the proposals initiate open discussions

on the status of art, social mix, and inclusivity within artistic and cultural institutions.

Lola Tual